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Graduate Painting’s Values

Every organization in the world has a set of values. Many written, many unwritten. These values guide the everyday operation of the organization. They are the core of the organization’s beliefs and actions.They’re what’s in the back of someone’s head as they make decisions while working. You can probably think of some of the values of your workplace, even if they aren’t expressly written. Writing values down doesn’t make them automatically come true. Some organizations don’t write down their values, yet they run smoothly and have great relationships with their customers. Some may write a lofty set of values, and fail to live up to them on a daily basis. Follow-through is everything when running a business. If an organization adopts a set of written values and doesn’t live up to them, they would have been better off to never adopt any values at all.

We have six values at Graduate Painting, and we work hard every single day to make sure we live up to them.



  1. Consistent Communication: Professional relationships hinge on communication more than anything else.  At GP we never want to leave anyone out of the loop.  Our goal is to keep everyone on the same page at all times.
  2. Complete honesty: We believe that lasting relationships are built on trust.  Trust is gained from open and honest communication.
  3. Outstanding Professionalism: Standing out from the crowd is what makes a business successful. We believe that our attitude and professional demeanor is what sets us apart.
  4. Craft Quality: We aim to always exceed expectations when it comes to the quality of our work. We’re always looking for a new way to go the extra mile.
  5. Greater Value: We want to provide a very worthwhile experience to everyone we work with.  Painting a house is an investment like any other, our goal is to give you the best return on that investment.
  6. Enduring Determination: Long days, difficult projects, big jobs, and tough challenges lay head of us every year.  We move through these obstacles while maintaining momentum and our excitement for our work.