Residential Painting Bangor, Maine


The Estimate

Graduate Painting’s single-appointment system for free estimates makes things as quick and easy as possible. A short pre-estimate call from one of Graduate Painting’s professional estimators will allow both you and the estimator to be prepared and on the same page for your appointment. When the estimator arrives, they’ll work with you to find the best options for your home. After some decisions have been made, the estimator, with a sharpened pencil, will get to work creating a set of job specifications for your project. Using a standardized estimating system, these job specs will be the basis for the pricing of the project, and the formation of the contract. Graduate Painting provides a set contract price which eliminates the guessing-game. At the end of the estimate you’ll be provided with a file containing a copy of your contract, a detailed job proposal form, and copies of any relevant regulatory paperwork. A weather-dependent, tentative start window will be established for your project, and everything is all set! Graduate Painting will take everything from there. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time.

The Products

You know that your house is an investment to be protected. That’s why Graduate Painting recommends using a high-quality, premium paint or stain for residential projects. Graduate Painting works closely with Sherwin-Williams to provide the best products at the best price. The helpful representatives of Sherwin-Williams can assist with the project by making knowledgeable recommendations both in-store and on-site. Have a specific color you’d like to match? Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap Precision system will make sure you get the exact colors you want. All that’s needed to match a color is a sample at least the size of a quarter, if the colors are currently on your house, Graduate Painting will take care of the color match in its entirety. Once colors and products have been selected, they’ll be delivered to the location of your project. Then Graduate Painting will begin the process of getting top-quality products on your house with top-quality, professional work.

Exterior Surface Prep

They say it’s all in the prep. They’re right. Graduate Painting’s goal is to give you a job worthy of their slogan, “A Grade Above,” and they know that proper preparation work is how to get there. Every good paint job begins by cleaning the surface that will be painted. For exterior work, this can come in the form of pressure washing, also known as power washing. Pressure washing helps remove dust, dirt, and mold from the exterior of a house, and it can also help remove excess peeling paint. If lead precautions are being taken on the project, pressure washing is unsafe, and surfaces will have to be washed by hand. Once the surfaces are clean and clear, all peeling paint must be scraped away thoroughly. Once all scraping is done, the substrate will need sanding to insure the paint can properly adhere. If lead is present, the surfaces must be kept wet to avoid spreading airborne lead dust. After that, steps will be taken to make sure all substrates are sound. This can include some carpentry work, such as replacing rotten wood, as well as caulking unwanted separations in the substrates. On most exterior projects, the prep is the majority of the work.

Exterior Painting

Once the surfaces to be painted are prepared and ready, the paint can be applied. Graduate Painting uses high-quality brushes, rollers, and paint sprayers to apply paint or stain to the prepped substrate. When you hire a professional painting company like Graduate Painting, you can rest assured that your project will have clean cut lines, consistent coats of paint, well-mixed product, solid colors, and a protected home. Graduate Painting will do everything they can to make your paint job last as long as possible. Your work will be warrantied against early peeling and chipping. In the unlikely event that your paint were to fail, Graduate Painting would come back and fix the issue for free.

Interior Painting

Time to freshen up? Let Graduate Painting make your home beautiful. Whether you’re just recoloring a room or two, or redoing the entire house, Graduate Painting has your back. They’ll work with you to get the colors, the sheens, and the work that you want in your home. They wash, spackle, sand, patch, mud, tape, and whatever else is needed to get the surfaces ready for paint. Once everything is ready, Graduate Painting takes great care in applying the paint. Their goal is for you to take pride in the quality of your home’s interior every time you step in the door.


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