Simple Estimate Process

Graduate Painting’s single-appointment system for free estimates makes things as quick and easy as possible. A short pre-estimate call from one of Graduate Painting’s professional estimators will allow both you and the estimator to be prepared and on the same page for your appointment. When the estimator arrives, they’ll work with you to find the best options for your home. After some decisions have been made, the estimator, with a sharpened pencil (an Apple Pencil on an iPad to be precise), will get to work creating a set of job specifications for your project. Using a standardized estimating system, these job specs will be the basis for the pricing of the project, and the formation of the contract. Graduate Painting provides a set contract price which eliminates the guessing-game.

Once your estimate is complete you’ll be provided with a file containing a copy of your contract, a detailed job proposal form, and copies of any relevant regulatory paperwork. A weather-dependent, tentative start window will be established for your project, and everything is all set! Graduate Painting will take everything from there. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time. Click the button below or call us at 207-307-0447 to get your Free Estimate today.


"We hired Graduate Painting to repaint our rambling nineteenth century farm house. The whole experience was incredibly professional from start to finish. Daniel kept an appointment to survey our property in terrible weather. He gave us a very clear, detailed estimate on site — no waiting for three weeks to hear back! He was incredibly responsive every time we called or emailed. (The other local guy we tried to interview kept postponing or failing to show to make the bid for several months.) Even though Graduate were further away and I didn’t personally know their references, their professionalism won me over. The crew accommodated our schedule so they could complete the bulk of the work while we were away (thus protecting our 6 month old from lead paint removal.) When an unforeseen circumstance arose – they discovered wood rot – they worked with us from afar to figure out how to resolve it. Once we returned we found the crew to be incredibly warm and professional. I felt comfortable with them in my home at all times. (They were in and out several times and I had no cause to worry.) They put in long, hard hours, and maintained an incredible work ethic. They checked in with us frequently to make sure that everything was finished to our exact standards. The final product was absolutely stunning. While they were working 4 different people stopped to ask who had done such a beautiful job. We definitely got our money’s worth and I would recommend them in a heartbeat."

Quality Products

You know that your house is an investment to be protected. That’s why Graduate Painting recommends using a high-quality, premium paint or stain for residential projects. Graduate Painting works closely with Sherwin-Williams to provide the best products at the best price. The helpful representatives of Sherwin-Williams can assist with the project by making knowledgeable recommendations both in-store and on-site. Have a specific color you’d like to match? Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap Precision system will make sure you get the exact colors you want. All that’s needed to match a color is a sample at least the size of a quarter, if the colors are currently on your house, Graduate Painting will take care of the color match in its entirety. Once colors and products have been selected, they’ll be delivered to the location of your project. Then Graduate Painting will begin the process of getting top-quality products on your house with top-quality, professional work.

Jane D.

"While looking for a painting service, I found Graduate Painting on the Better Business Bureau. Seeing that they had a high rating, I called and scheduled an estimate with Daniel. I immediately had a sense that this company knew what they were doing, and that they would treat me fairly. The way that Daniel spoke about my project gave me confidence to move forward. I scheduled a job with them that day. They told me that they would be doing my job in the coming months. When the time came for my job to be done, the crew that worked at my house were fantastic. Everyone was polite, knowledgeable, helpful, and meticulous about the work. Because of the wealth of information that the people in this company offered to me, I ended up adding quite a lot more work than I initially had planned to do, and I was very pleased I did. I became informed about what would be the best value for me, and protect my house in the long term. Through these guys, I learned a lot about protecting my house, including many things I wouldn't have known to consider with most other painters. They constantly helped me understand aspects about the exterior of my home that I never would have even thought to ask about. I appreciate the communication and education I received from them, as well as my entire experience."

Inside or Outside

Graduate Painting is able to perform a variety of both interior and exterior painting services. We regularly perform both on the same contract. If you have some exterior and some interior painting that you would like to do at the same time, definitely look no further. Contact us today for a Free Estimate on your project(s).