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Residential Painting


Graduate Painting of Bangor takes pride in the residential painting services they provide to Mainers like you. From the smallest of interior painting projects to the largest of exterior painting jobs, Graduate Painting is here to help. Graduate Painting’s goal is to be a painting company like no other. As hundreds of homeowners in Maine have discovered, their single-appointment system for free estimates makes it simple to figure out, price out, and schedule out your job. Once you’re scheduled in, sit back and allow Graduate Painting’s professional painters to handle everything. Graduate Painting’s service as a house painting company is worry free with their $1,000,000 liability insurance and full workers’ compensation insurance policies. They stand behind their work with at least a one-year warranty. If you have an older home, they’ll test for lead that could be trapped in your home’s wood. If they find it, they’ll take all possible precautions to protect your family, pets, and neighbors from hazardous airborne lead dust. Graduate Painting’s goal is to give you a top-quality finished project that will protect your home and last for years to come, all while making it beautiful.

Commercial Painting


Graduate Painting is ready to be your go-to for commercial projects. Their professional qualifications and painting crews might be exactly what you’re looking for. Their quotes are delivered quickly, either from an on-site visit or simply from job specs. With competitive pricing and standardized industry practices, Graduate Painting can take on projects ranging from retail spaces to industrial real estate. Let them make your project a breeze.

Painter for a Day


Are you looking to get an interior project done, but thinking of doing it yourself? Why not take the middle-ground. Graduate Painting’s Painter for a Day Program allows you to get a fully qualified and insured painter to assist you with your interior painting project for a full day. Call today for pricing and to schedule your own Painter for a Day.

Pressure Washing


Nearly every home could use a pressure wash in one way or another. If you think about where your home collects various kinds of build-up, we’re guessing you could think of a few places. Graduate Painting is a professional power washing service. Let them take care of your siding, deck, or wherever else the elements like to hammer away at. Their quick, free estimates are thorough and informative and will allow you to schedule your pressure washing project with ease.