Why We Love Virtual Estimates for Painting Services

Why We Love Virtual Estimates for Painting Services

Chris Poulin

Christopher Poulin Published: 04/16/2024

A video call? I’ve never done that before! How’s this going to go?

Look… We get it. You need your house painted, you contacted a company, and they’re asking you to schedule a virtual meeting with them over a video call to give you an estimate for your project. You’re a bit puzzled.

Is this a joke? How are they going to measure? A contractor has to come tramping through your private home or yard to determine what to ask for my project, that’s always how it’s been done!

Nevertheless, these folks are the ones who actually called you back. So you agree, and as you’re booking a time with them, you’re shocked to find out they can meet with you the next day! They even tell you you’ll have your bid the next day or even the same day as the meeting… oh, and if you decide you want to hire them, you can have the contract signed and a deposit invoice paid (by card… credit card points ahoy!) with just a few clicks or taps..

And therein lies the beauty…

You got online searching for a painter when your trusty handyman you’ve been using for years hung up the tool belt and moved on upta camp to enjoy their golden years. All over the United States, the old guard is taking their leave into retirement, and younger generations aren’t filling in that service gap the way they did in the past. Contractors are busy, the help can be unreliable, and homeowners are frustrated that they can’t get anyone to even give them realistic pricing for the project they don’t want to put off for another year.

For working with Graduate Painting, the benefits are clear:


For you:

  • Less time arranging your workday or interrupting your weekend to meet with multiple different contractors, some of whom you may never hear from again.
  • More time to get answers to your questions from a home improvement professional whose goal it is to be a resource for you.
  • More time to focus on anything other than painting your house.
  • For us:

  • Dramatically less traveling to and from homes spread all over Maine.
  • More time to provide you the proposal, pricing, and service you wanted in the first place.
  • More energy to make sure your needs are met, your project goes smoothly, and to actually give you that coveted call back.
  • Efficiency is key to turning what is often a stressful ordeal, into an easy service experience.

    Customer Satisfaction

    When you schedule a virtual estimate:

  • Any time you’re home and willing to do the call is a good time. When needed, rescheduling is easy, and there’s no time lost or hard feelings on either side.
  • Less sifting through deceptive “instant quote” websites that take your information and sell it to multiple local contractors, who barrage you with phone calls you weren’t expecting.
  • You experience a lower-pressure sales situation, focused more on finding a solution and less on making a quick sale.
  • You get the information you were looking for quickly while avoiding the hassle that often comes with that.
  • Customer Education

    We love to fix houses and we love to talk about fixing houses. We’ve done countless estimates and projects, and we enjoy educating customers on exactly what it is that goes into all that.

    During a virtual estimate you:

  • View the house through the eyes of a painter during the evaluation process, giving rise to more questions than you may have realized you had.
  • Put your hands on the house, feel and evaluate its condition for yourself, and check out spots and conditions you may have never noticed before.
  • Gain a clearer picture of what you’re asking a painter to do, and what goes into the proposal and pricing they give you afterwards.
  • It’s about giving you better service in the end!

    The world is changing rapidly, at a faster pace than ever before. Labor markets can be challenging, and getting more done with less is a necessary adaptation to continue meeting the needs of our market. Streamlining services with virtual estimates allows us to do just that, while still being able to give customers the service they deserve!

    Book an estimate with us today!

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